Timber Products Inspection (TP) Biomass Lab


TP proudly offers a state of the art laboratory dedicated to solid Biomass Fuel analysis. Whether it is woody biomass, agricultural residues, densified/pelletized fuel, municipal waste debris, or process-derived waste products – TP can provide the analysis you need.

As an ISO 17025 accredited lab, you are guaranteed quality and reliable testing services provided within a timeframe that keeps your project moving forward. Testing can be performed with either ASTM or CEN/EN methods. TP also provides EN Plus Auditing and consulting, and can assist with internal lab design/setup and the development of quality management systems.

TP is accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee as an Auditing Agency and a Testing Laboratory for the Pellets Fuel Institute’s Densified Fuel Standards Program. If you are a Pellet Manufacturer interested in enrolling in this program, please contact us for more information.

For Customer Service/Sales: Management:
Tammy Hippchen Chris Wiberg Christopher Cox
Business Development Specialist Manager, Biomass Energy Services Assistant Manager, Biomass Energy Lab (Conyers Office)
thippchen@tpinspection.com cwiberg@tpinspection.com ccox@tpinspection.com
Cell/Direct: 218-461-2579 Cell/Direct: 218-428-3583 Office: 770-922-8000 ext 303

For information on our international pellet services and testing, please visit www.biomassenergylab.com

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