At Timber Products Inspection, our in-house, IAS-accredited chemical lab offers a one-stop shop to move your business forward. We can analyze any preservative on the market today… and in the future. As a customer of TP, we offer you four full-time and two part-time certified chemists, working to provide the highest level of service. This means short turnaround times, environmental analysis and certification assistance tailored to you, when you need it.
  For quick, accurate results, our lab features the latest industrial analytical methods.
Need approvals in the marketplace? We can perform the latest required efficacy evaluations for you.
Our staff brings to the table almost three decades of experience. We believe that, when it comes to the evaluation of wood preservatives in today's market, our chemical laboratory is the most complete and offers the widest range of services.


we can calibrate your equipment on-site, resulting in decreased production delays.

  For More Information, please contact:
Chris Barber
Lab Division Manager
(770) 922-8000 ext. 302