With the evolution of building codes, quality monitoring systems continue to grow in importance. New regulations from design professionals, government officials and others are continuously challenging component manufacturers. So what to do?

Timber Products Inspection is the answer.

Our truss program staff works daily to develop updated recommendations for optimal performance. Our program is recognized by code officials in the U.S. and multiple other countries, as we are accredited by the International Accreditation Service, Inc., (IAS), a subsidiary of the International Code Council.

Talk to some of the plants in our program: they’ll tell you about their increased efficiency in production and fewer site problems. Members of our program also have access to TP’s considerable expertise, education and experience in the design, construction and forest products industries.

The secret’s in the service: our unwavering focus on in-plant quality and process controls ensures finished products that meet industry recognized standards. TP personnel regularly conduct unannounced regular inspection to assure you, and us, that the best quality product hits the market.

The TP truss program services all areas of the country. We currently partner with more than 300 truss plants, a number that grows as the need for our top-quality services increases. Give us a call; join our team.

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